Our Products

Our Products

Abebi Yam Flour is made from selected species of yam, which goes through a series of processes to produce flour. It contains nutrients that are essential for the human body. In Nigeria, it is popularly called "elubo" and is used to prepare an African dish called "amala," which can go with any kind of soup. It is processed and packaged in a hygienic environment, which makes it safe for consumption.

Abebi White Garri is a product of carefully selected cassava tubers, which goes through a series of processes to produce stone-free, crunch and low moisture white garri. Abebi garri is suitable for both soacking and swallow preparation. It is also gluten free.

Abebi Beans Flour is made from stone-free beans, which have been cleaned and processed into fine flour. Beans are protein packed energy capsules with a nutritional food value that can improve human health in many ways. Our bean flours can be used for the preparation of bean cakes, Ekuru, moin-moin, and African soup.

Abebi Plantain Flour is produced from unripe plantain. Plantain flour is unique in the family of flour products because of its abundant health values such as high protein, low sugar content, high dietary fibre, prevention, management of diabetes and weight control. Like other ABEBI FOODS products, our plantain flour is processed in a clean environment with stainless steel equipment as recognized by food regulatory bodies in Nigeria and abroad.

Abebi Poundo Yam is an extraordinary product made from selected yam tubers with a bit of edible starch. These two farm produce go through a series of processes that produce quality products to our consumers. Abebi Poundo Yam is highly nutritious with an excellent source of energy.

Abebi Brown Beans is simply whole beans carefully picked to ensure stone and sand free product. It is a highly nutritious class of legumes, with a reasonable amount of protein that serves as a body builder. Abebi Brown Beans is produced under proper quality supervision from beginning to end to ensure that our consumers get the best quality beans their body deserve.